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History of Central Park Elementary School

In 2008 our school celebrated it's 50th anniversary having opened its doors in 1958 in Bossier City's Central Park subdivision under the exemplary leadership of our first principal, Mr. "Mac" Maxwell.  Mr. Maxwell's simple educational philosophy lives on today in the school's vision of teaching the whole child in mind, body, soul.  Former Central Park students have gone on to become productive members of our community, serving in the medical and legal fields as well as other professional occupations.  Some have even answered the highest calling in education by becoming teachers themselves with some now employed at Central Park, giving something back to their neighborhood. 

 In 2008, Central Park was awarded a grant for a "Kaboom" playground.  The networking process between school and community was a powerful statement of public support and the positive impact a school has on a community.  This playground, placed near a quarter-mile walking track and picnic area, provides recreational as well as physical fitness activities to help our community members maintain healthier lifestyles. 

Entering her position in 2010, our eighth principal, Mrs. Hadden remains focused on and committed to the school's mission, vision and goals, keeping alive the high standards set by Mr. Maxwell and maintained through the years.  In 2013, the school was recognized as a Louisiana Top Gains school. Last year the Mayor of Bossier City Proclaimed that the Keep Bossier Beautiful efforts would begin with Central Park's efforts to clean up our neighborhood streets.  Today the school continues to focus on the high standards of excellence started by Mr. Maxwell.  The times are changing and the world is quickly becoming a much smaller place, but Central Park strives forward in pursuing an educational climate that will graduate 5th grade students on time with academic abilities in ELA and Math that are on target while producing citizens that can positively impact their community.