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AR Program Manager

Accelerated Reader

What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

     If you're the parent of a 1st - 5th grader, your child has probably come home talking about the Accelerated Reader program.  Accelerated Reader, better known as A.R., is a computer-based program used for monitoring reading comprehension.  At the beginning of the school year, each student is given a test to determine their approximate reading range.  Teachers use this information to set a reading goal for the nine weeks.  Students also use this reading range to help in library book selection; most of the library's books have a reading level labeled on their spines.

     After a student has read their library book, they can take a comprehension test on it on the computer.  Students are given five to ten multiple-choice questions to answer.  When they finish a test, they are immediately shown the results and can see the correct answers to the questions they've missed.  Some library books also have vocabulary tests that go with the story.  Students are tested on words used in the story.  Any words missed will show up again on later vocabulary tests until the student has mastered them.